Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mostra Cultural 2011, Part 1

The boys had their Mostra Cultural, which translates to Cultural Show, at school this past weekend. Here, Sam and a few of his classmates patiently waited before their performance.

Andy with a couple buddies on the schoolyard.

One of the displays hanging outside of Sam's class's artwork.

A close-up of Sam's grasshopper.

The Primer Ano performance featured several songs about fruits and nature. The theme of the day was in fact Natureaza Mãe, Mother Nature.

The bee zooming around to the fruits, as they all sang a cute song where the refrain was, "Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom." Heck, even I could sing along!!

A nice picture with Papi afterwards.

And a little reception with juice a a few snacks was held in one of the classrooms, displaying more pretty classwork.

Sam's teacher explaining to find the strawberry soap that he made to take home. At this point Andy was off with his class getting prepared for their performance.

Sam and his Tia Bea. Tia (pronounced CHEE-ya), means aunt in Portuguese, but this is what all the children call their teachers, too. It's very sweet.

More to come....


  1. In that last picture Sam looks like Andy to me - what a fun celebration to be a part of

  2. There I was, checking a reddit post about american, canadian and british families living in Brazil (http://www.reddit.com/r/Brazil/comments/m5bqk/blogs_of_expats_living_in_brazil/) when I see that one of them is about my city! And not only that, the kids go to my old school! Well, I just had to go back and read all your posts. Great blog and great pictures!

  3. Jen - So many people have asked me lately if they are twins! Usually when they're sitting down at restaurants and their height looks the same, and maybe the lighting isn't so great... but still! :o)

    Daniel - glad you stopped by. It's a great school; we're very happy there. :o)