Friday, November 18, 2011

Yummy panettone dessert

I was looking through A Tribuna this evening and saw this vision of deliciousness in the Pão de Açúcar advertisement (local grocery chain). They take out the inside of the panettonne and layer in a creamy custard, put the top back on, and cover with ganache. Brilliant!!

Panettone is very popular here for the Christmas season, which is in full swing here as everywhere in North America. I've seen Panettone sold in Canada and the U.S. around the holidays, maybe on an endcap. But there is a LARGE presence of Panetonne in the stores here, due to the big Italian influence in this part of Brazil, I suspect.

If you want to see the very nice lady Brazilian chef demonstrate for you, here's the play by play of how to make it from YouTube.

And here's a link to the recipe in Portuguese. Below is the traslation from Google, with a few modifications, as it didn't quite make sense. The leaves of gelatin are a new to me, I'll have to look for those. If you're in The States or Canada, maybe use one envelope of plain gelatin??

Between watching the video and having the recipe below, it should come out pretty close - I think I'll try to make it this weekend. :o) Hmmm, just remembered I don't have my mixer OR my kitchen scale. Well, I may try anyway.


Filling: White wine English cream
190 ml of white wine
200 g of sugar
7 egg yolks
juice of half a lime
425 g of heavy cream
4 leaves of gelatine


Boil in a saucepan half the amount of wine, lime juice and 100 g of sugar.
, in a mixer beat the egg yolks with remaining sugar until creamy.
Add the remaining
wine and stir in cream.
Join this cream to first mixture over low heat and stir constantly. Allow to cool.
Add the 4 softened gelatine leaves in cream and heavy cream
lightly beaten. Mix together and chill a little.

Note: To soften the gelatin, it must be hydrated in cold water, then
sifted into another container and softened minutes before using the microwave
(20 seconds) or in a double boiler on low heat.
For filling, cut off about the top 1 inch of the cake, and remove the excess inside dough, leaving the sides approximately 3 cm thick. Add the cream, and add the part of the cake that you took out making to separate layers with the cream (watch the video!).

Coverage: dark chocolate ganache
150 g of cream
250 g dark chocolate
Melt chocolate in double boiler. In a saucepan, heat the cream until it is warm and stir in the melted chocolate. To decorate, spread the ganache around the cake.

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  1. I just saw these desserts in Costco last night - or at least something similar - I'm for anything that contains chocolate