Monday, November 28, 2011

Old Architecture

I love the feel of the school that the boys attend. It's old. It has history. It's peaceful. The architecture reminds me of New Orleans - home.

A few weeks ago, Sam wanted me to be at school with him again. At first I was in the classroom for about a week. Even though his teacher was very welcoming and reassuring, I felt like I was distracting the students. So the next week I sat outside on a bench in the recess area. Then, the last couple days in the office. The secretary gestured for me to sit in a side room. Thank you, Elisabet! Those rock-solid benches in the foyer were a little hard on the rear after just 10 minutes.

This room was such a nice place to spend time. I was out of people's way, and I could knit, read the paper, look out the window... And after sitting there on Thursday, I knew I needed to bring my camera back on Friday.

The crossbars on the windows (not sure what their proper name is) are a bit big to keep mosquitoes out (luckily I didn't notice any anyway), and pretty flimsy for thieves. I think they're meant to keep birds from flying inside.

Reading the paper. On the left is Pele, one of the best futebol players in the history of the sport - he played for Santos. On the right is an up-and-coming futebol player that also plays for Santos. His name is Neymar. I don't know the sport well enough to know if he is as good as Pele was, but they seem to be compared in the paper quite a bit.

After a while I decided to venture over to the room across the hall.

This is the room where we met and filled out some paperwork on the boys' first day of school.

Sam running, having lots of fun and not needing me in the least.

After Elisabet told me the floor was over 100 years old, I felt it deserved a close-up.

Later, the sun came out!

Bathroom window.

There were a few cracks in the plaster on the ceiling. Did I mention I was there for almost FIVE hours?

These little burlap dudes were in the corner.

Stained-glass window on the chapel, though from this side it's hard to tell it's stained-glass.

Reflection in the window.

At some point I noticed some doors leading outside. I tried to open them, but I was making too much noise.

Although there were more productive things I could have been doing had I NOT needed to be at school, I had fun playing with my camera this day. And was happy that Sam was happy just knowing I was there.


  1. You are a good mommy - Sam is lucky to have you. I'm pretty sure after the first 30 minutes I would have said adios.

  2. De fato, vc é uma boa mãe.

  3. God, I miss going to that school... I'm planning a visit next time I go to Santos...

  4. Wow Jessica, awesome blog and pictures! IT's like you're in the movies! The school looks awesome...kind of don't want to go to work now in the boring Canadian schools! Haha! Miss you guys so much....Owen and Nicole wrote your boys letters in Portuguese tonight (thanks to the translator on my iphone). I'll have to get them in the mail soon! Take care,