Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our neighborhood, and Tainha (Tah-EEN-ya)

Our street.

Santos has several canals that run through the city and empty into the ocean. Here is one that is close to our house. (Our house is an apartment, but I'm used to saying house. So from here on out, when I refer to house, insert apartment.)

A couple weekends ago we were invited to a fundraiser for orphans. From what I understood, this facility is specifically used for fundraisers. This evening they were serving Tainha, a type of fish, grilled whole and served with rice, farofa, bread, and lime wedges and a vinaigrette (what we would refer to as a salsa fresca) to accompany the fish. Everything was delicious.

Many of the kids there found each other and started playing, and then there was a mission to get the tabs off all the empty soda and beer cans. Both Andy and Sam's classes are collecting them; somehow they support the production of wheelchairs? I'm not very clear on how this happens; maybe the money raised from the metal is donated? Regardless, it provided hours of entertainment. Andy said he told everyone obrigado when they let him have a tab.

One of the girls in the pack of kids running around was very friendly, and it turned out her parents were grilling the fish.

That's a lot of Tainha!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First trip to the beach

After 2.5 weeks of living here, we finally made it to the beach a few days ago. It's only a few blocks from our apartment, so I'm not sure what took us so long. I guess we were busy trying to get things lined out both at home and school.

We bought a soccer ball (futebol, here) the day before, so this was the boys' first opportunity to really kick it around.

This was a tee they made, taken right before the ball ended up in my lap.

There was a drum circle under a nearby tent, which was REALLY awesome to listen to. These drum circles are apparently a fairly common sight/sound at the praia. I stood close and listened for a bit, but didn't feel like looking like the ULTIMATE tourist and pulling out my camera. So this is a shot from afar.

The boys enjoyed a Coke, and Otto and I enjoyed a caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil.
There are many variations of the traditional caipirinha made with lime; this one was made with maracuj√° , my new favorite fruit juice! According to one website I was reading, maracuj√° is a type of passions fruit; very different from the passion fruits I have seen in North America.


The first of many trips to the beach, I'm sure.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinners and friends

Last weekend we went to dinner with Otto's secretary, Regina, and her mother. Regina has been SO helpful and kind with our moving process. And she is very sweet with the boys. She also speaks English, which is nice for me! (In fact, she used to be an English teacher.)

For dessert, Andy and Sam shared the flambeed mango with ice cream.

Otto and I shared the papaya cream, with some type of liqueur drizzled on top. It was very yummy.

Andy snapped a few pictures. This suit of armor greets you when you walk in the front door.

Regina and her mother, Nele.

Mommy and Papi (or Mamai e Papai in the local lingo).

I think Regina took this one while I was in the bathroom with Sam.

Sam took this one of us outside.

The next day we were invited to Regina's sister's house (Flavia) for Sunday dinner. And this is the huge pot of shrimp that Flavia's husband, Helder, made for everyone. It was DELICIOUS!

The kids' table. (Their kids are older!)

...and a parting shot of Andy looking out our patio doors at night.