Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First trip to the beach

After 2.5 weeks of living here, we finally made it to the beach a few days ago. It's only a few blocks from our apartment, so I'm not sure what took us so long. I guess we were busy trying to get things lined out both at home and school.

We bought a soccer ball (futebol, here) the day before, so this was the boys' first opportunity to really kick it around.

This was a tee they made, taken right before the ball ended up in my lap.

There was a drum circle under a nearby tent, which was REALLY awesome to listen to. These drum circles are apparently a fairly common sight/sound at the praia. I stood close and listened for a bit, but didn't feel like looking like the ULTIMATE tourist and pulling out my camera. So this is a shot from afar.

The boys enjoyed a Coke, and Otto and I enjoyed a caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil.
There are many variations of the traditional caipirinha made with lime; this one was made with maracuj√° , my new favorite fruit juice! According to one website I was reading, maracuj√° is a type of passions fruit; very different from the passion fruits I have seen in North America.


The first of many trips to the beach, I'm sure.

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