Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dancing windows

If you look outside on the right kind of day you can see something unusual from our kitchen.  I like to call them dancing windows, and I've only seen them a handful of times. The first time I saw them on the side of the building across the street, and it took me a while to figure out what it was.  

The sun has to be in the perfect position to reflect the light onto the neighboring building, and the wind has to be blowing strong enough to move the windows, sustain the movement, then die down for a bit so the window will close again, AND the wind has to be blowing from the right direction.

I just caught a bit of footage on this day.  There have been days when it's been much breezier and the reflections from the windows are going all over the place. I love those days.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Book's on the Table

Our favorite commercials nowadays are for an online English course.  The premise is that one of the fellows is doing very well with the course, and his sidekick buddy is eternally trying to convince him that he's learning English just fine without the online course.

This was the first one we saw that made us giggle.

This one had us singing "The Book's on the Table" for weeks! The song was produced several years ago (tongue-in-cheek, I think) because this is one of the first phases learned by Brazilians learning English. 

Here's the latest one that's been on.


As I was looking these up I saw there is a series playing in Argentina with two other fellas, speaking Spanish of course.  I'm rather fond of our goofy Brazilian guy; it's what you're used to, I suppose.  :o)

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Boys of Summer

Today we went on a walk.

It was a pretty day. Sunny. Hot, in fact!

Why don't you put your suits on?
Because you might want to get wet!

So along the way Andy and Sam decided they should stop at every rinse off spot along the beach. (We usually avoid the sea water because, unfortunately, the salty water stings Andy's dry skin.)

The water was cold, but refreshing!

You don't realize just how many rinse off spots there are until your children make it a goal to stop at ALL of them.  They started calling them checkpoints

"Time to stop at another checkpoint!"

This past year they've been renovating the kiosks along the beach at each canal.  They've turned out very nice!

The landscaping along the beach is so pretty.  I love these red plants in the background.

One of the main tasks was to visit our friend Valda who makes pasteis.  She and her husband have two carts.  One is closer to our apartment, and then they have this one on the beach. 


Container ship coming in.

Valda and her helper hard at work.

She was telling us that she had a group of gringos come by a couple weeks ago that didn't speak any Portuguese, and they had a hard time communicating and figuring out what they wanted to order.  So she said they are going to have signs made up with English translations.  We volunteered to do the translating for her! So I took some pictures of the menu so we can write it up.  :o)

On our walk back, we visited the lion statue...

and ended our outing with the swings.