Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween isn't officially celebrated in Brazil, but you do find pockets here and there. There are several schools around that primarily teach English where many people send their children as an extra-curricular activity. And many times these schools will have a Halloween party because it's a fun was to celebrate the culture of some English-speaking countries. And one of Sam's classmate's mother happens to be the director of one such school and invited the boys to come to their Halloween party. Nice!

Since we don't have our stuff, and I hadn't seen many costume options around, face paints and a bag of red plastic vampire teeth that I bought at a store is what we had to work with. Oh, and an airplane blanket that served as Sam's cape. Sam went with the Dracula/vampire look. Andy said he was half Native-American, half vampire.

Waiting downstairs for our taxi to take us to the buffet.

Still waiting.

A buffet here is not just an all-you-can-eat joint. Typically it's a place to have a party, different buffets geared towards different age-groups. And the ones geared to kids also smell like fried food, as that is primarily what is offered. All types of drinks, too! And pipoca - popcorn.

One of the boys from Andy's grade was there, so they hung out for most of the night.

Dracula and his friends.

A little foosball.

Brotherly love while waiting in line. Sam is emphasizing/arguing about something while Andy adjusts his teeth.

Sam flipping on the trampoline...

and Andy.

This was by far the most popular ride of the night. I rode it once, which made me dizzy enough to last the whole evening. Typically I like rides that spin, but this one was a doozy!

So no trick-or-treating, but still a lot of fun!


  1. Cute pix! I sure see Otto in that pic of Sam where he's talking to Andy.. long chin! They both made great vampires! I only did a 4 hour extra stint.. shortest one yet! Then I went with Bill while he tuned ALL of Andrew's guitars.. he's recording next week. THAT took a lot longer!
    Love you, MOM

  2. Looks like Sam might be a ladies man :) I think you must have gone as Super Mom, "Faster than a speeding bullet and creating costumes out of think air for her adorable young children!"