Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We visited the fish market on Sunday at Ponta da Praia.

Everything is caught that morning, so it's fresh, fresh, fresh!!

Sam and a dead fish had a staring contest. I believe Sam blinked first.

I thought it felt like we were being watched....

Otto turned our spoils into a YUMMY paella.

Speaking of fresh, I love to shop at the feira (pronounced FEY-ra, and roll the r), which is the open-air market that comes to our neighborhood once a week. This is what our little table typically looks like when I return...

and then some!


  1. silly fish! can't blink! are the egrets are comfortable around people there as they are in Nawlins? Clips of garbage atheletes don't show up. Love MOM

  2. I love how Sam is wearing an Ottawa Senators shirt :-)

    And I'm pretty sure Caroline would comment on the fishy smell. We made Ettufe with shrimp last night and she was very interested in the shrimpy smell.

  3. I would love to shop in that kind of market