Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ping Pong

So we still have the ballroom in our apartment. Not a huge room in which one waltzes, but an empty bedroom with several soft, springy balls where Andy and Sam can kick them at the walls, or more commonly, at each other.

We were walking around a different part of the city yesterday after their allergist appointment and passed by a small store that piqued our interest. As we browsed we came upon individually packaged ping pong paddles, each with a ball. They didn't have a price, but based on what I paid for everything, I think they were about $1.25 US each.

The "net" is comprised of three decks of cards, and four boxes of printer ink.

It's a bit more difficult on this smaller table, but still fun. We have grand plans for when our huge rectangular table actually makes it way down here.

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  1. Hi Jessica~ I take it the allergists in Brazil are a little more accessible than in Canada? We have been waiting over 2 years now, and you have been there two months? We may have to come for a visit! -Brenda Fischer