Sunday, April 15, 2012

Santos FC celebrates 100 years!!

Parabéns Santos FC for your 100 years of existence!

(For non-soccer people, FC stands for Futebol Clube - this perplexed me for years as to why several of the pro soccer teams in the US and around the world had FC in their names.)

There was a countdown clock on the beach that started a couple months ago, which finally hit 00:00:00 around 2pm yesterday, I think. There were fogos (fireworks) Saturday at midnight, and festivities yesterday by the clock for the countdown.

Here's a trailer of a film celebrating 100 years.

I'm sure there have been MANY other activities helping to commemorate the anniversary of which I'm not even aware. One that was brought to my attention was this mural that has been in-process for the past two weeks on exterior walls of the club's practice field. The artist is Paulo Consentino, and here is a link to the Santos FC website that talks about the project.

They used stencils that has been prepared ahead of time in his studio.

My friend and her sister participated in helping to put the mural up, and we stopped on by Friday to see how things were going. We met Mr. Consentino briefly, as everyone was working fast and furiously to try and complete the mural. But he was very courteous, and even let Sam and his friend Helena (whose mom and aunt were the ones who participated) do a little spray painting themselves.

Happy Birthday Santos FC, and very nice job Paulo Consentino and crew!!

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