Sunday, February 19, 2012

Praia do Tombo

A couple weekends ago we checked out Praia do Tombo in Guaruja. It was FULL of people. And a bit rough, which is where its name comes from. Tombo means tumbling.

Note the PERiGO sign - danger. We kept the kids close. Their boogie boards with leashes were handy to keep them afloat.

And there was lots of running to and from the water because the sand was HOT!!!

After we ate lunch, I walked over to the less-busy area of the beach near the rocks, as my monkeys wanted to climb.

The view back to the busier part of the beach.

And back to the rocks.

On the way back to our umbrella, we stumbled upon a hunt. I think the crab was finally captured, but he got a 10 in my book for his posturing.

A beautiful day, in beautiful surroundings.


  1. looks like fun! Yeah, crabs and crayfish get pretty feisty when cornered!

    Love, Mom

  2. What a fun day - even though it's warm here, it's not pool or beach warm so your day at the beach looks wonderful. Where's your picture? We need to see you sunning on the sand - for some reason I imagine you wearing an old fashion bathing suit with a scarf on your head and large sunglasses on - a little retro I'm sure but I could see it:)