Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Move In

Happy Summer! I hope everyone is enjoying theirs. Or your winter, as the case may be. We had a lot of fun seeing our family and a few friends over our summer break. Always wish we could see more, but time is of the essence when we live this far away. So our things arrived from Canada while we were gone, and we scheduled delivery the week after we returned from The States. There were a few items that didn't fit through the doorway, and a couple things that the movers simply opted to bring up over the balcony. Here was the setup for hoisting an armoire into the living room, over the veranda balcony.
There were two containers of water at the base used as a counter-balance, and Otto tells me there was an electronic winch with a steel cable that hoisted the stuff up.
Up and over! They also used this in the office to hoist the desk in through the window, which can apparently easily pop out of the wall. Here the boys were checking what was going on below, post popped-out window.
And then we ran downstairs to get some shot of the desk-lifting from below.
Zoomed-in shot. It was raining, but that didn't seem to phase anyone.
Patiently waiting...
Here it comes! And in it went.
it's all here and mostly in-place. We have not, however, hung any pictures yet; still have to figure out the best technique for plaster walls.


  1. Dear Jessica,

    You should drill a hole in the wall with an electric drill and use what we call in Brazil a "Bucha" or "Buxa", which is that plastic thingy that you place in the wall to make sure the screw doesn't come out. I can't remember how you call it in English!!
    Maybe your "Zelador" can give you a few tips on the best way to hang pictures on your building's walls.
    What a relief to see your precious stuff after so long! Now you guys will feel more like home than ever!! :)
    Cool pictures by the way. I didn't know how they moved oversized stuff into apartments these days...


    1. Thanks for the suggestion on the walls!

  2. Awesome pictures! Seems like quite the ordeal! Hope you don't plan on moving any time soon! lol. I think me favorite picture of Andy holding his umbrella and the amazing sidewalks you have! Beautiful trees and flowers! It's like you're living in the movies! Hope all is well.

    1. We're well - miss you all!!! The plants and trees are very pretty around here, for sure.

  3. I still can believe your stuff took that long to get there - I'm pretty sure I would have bought some other things in the meantime. How was New Orleans? Dreaming about a shrimp poboy right now. So has school started up for them again or is it still summer break?

    1. Hey Jen,
      New Orleans was great. The boys started school again on the 31st of January, and they'll have off for Carnival the same 3 days NOLA has off - funny!