Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beer, gelato, etc...

Firstly, if you want to order a beer down here, don't order this one. It's super sweet, and in my opinion, disgusting. This one is much better. We visited the beautiful Priarmar shopping center one evening this week. The only shots I took were of food. Like this pretty gelato. It was good, but it wasn't gelato - it was ice cream. On one of the upper levels they had a trio playing such beautiful, jazzy Brazilian music. A snare drum, a guitar, and a fella that was playing flute, then saxophone.And this was Andy's pizza. The cheese was not mozzarella, but some type of cream cheese that was piped all over the top. And it was served with a tiny bottle of olive oil. He didn't care for the cheese, so most of it was scraped off. We've eaten a couple other pizzas, and this cheese isn't typical, normally there IS mozzarella. Oh, and we have Pinkberry here, but it's called Yogoberry! So it was raining the first few days we were here, but here were some shots from out hotel room. There were lots of ships waiting to come in - Santos has a huge port. We're hoping that being so close to port, we'll get our furniture faster when it finally gets down here. It still hasn't left Canada, though, so it will be a while. :/ Here we were eating out first meal in Brazil; a late lunch at the hotel restaruant after a VERY long flight, and a nice hot shower. They had a great buffet spread, and live music as well. Brazilian fado music; this duo played a guitar with some type of hand drum. It was lovely. The music paired with the buffet is a Saturday afternoon regular occurrence. We'll be back. Until next time....


  1. Food is the best part about being somewhere new - always new things to taste and enjoy - my boys would have taken off the cheese too - I could go for some of that ice cream

  2. Dear Jessica,

    The cheese you saw on your Pizza is called "Catupiry", it's a type of creamy cheese, it is called "Catupiry" because it became popular by this specific brand of Cheese "Catupiry". Think of people calling razor blades Gilette, where the brand name became the most popular way to call the product.
    I am from Brazil and I will tell you, I really only like Catupiry of the "Catupiry" brand, which is the best and most expensive. Many businesses use the lesser expensive brands of Catupiry which makes all the difference.
    It's great to see you guys are enjoying Santos so much, it is a great town.