Thursday, November 29, 2012


One of the things I love here in Santos are the sidewalks.  This pattern is the most common, and I think it's called Rio, because they have this design all over Rio de Janeiro as well.

Here's another design in front of the nearby tennis club.   

Here's the wave "Rio" pattern again, but made with pre-fabricated tiles.

Here's an all-white stone look, which looks kinda plain...

until you put it in front of an all-white modern-looking house!  Que chique, né?

Another pattern made with tiles.

Here's our next-door neighbor's which I've always though was bem legal!  And there are many others around; these were just taken when I was out running an errand. 

You'll find plain 'ole concrete sidewalks around, too, but these stone and tile sidewalks are just as common.  So pretty.


  1. Dear Jessica,

    I love this post!
    I agree with you, these sidewalks are amazing. It actually is an art form imported from Portugal, you can find these mosaic sidewalks all over Lisbon. It required a very specific set of skills and it's labor intensive.
    I am sharing this post on my blog, please let me know if you are not ok with me sharing it and I will remove it.


  2. Very nice. Great exercise. I should pay more attention to the sidewalks here in Sao Paulo - especially my new neighborhood of Higienópolis. (I am always looking down, but that is most often so my daughter and I don't step in any unmentionables.)

    1. Yes, it's imperative that you look down for that reason!! :o)

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Great post! The Americans among you will laugh, but in the UK we call sidewalks "pavements". But whatever you call them, they're great aren't they? I'm no pavement expert, but I guess that this design (with the tiny little tiles) must require quite a lot more maintenance than the more common type, but as you say, they look bem legal!