Friday, October 19, 2012

Buenos Aires

Finally getting up the rest of the pictures from our July trip!

After we checked into our hotel in Buenos Aires, we went for a walk. These big gates led to a courtyard area that included a restaurant and some type of Polish society, among other things.

The next day we explored some more and happened upon this museum that was underneath La Casa Rosada (their White House, but it's pink). Much of the museum had the walls from the older city in tact. 

This was a guard in the traditional Argentinian uniform.  I think he was there for photo ops, but also to keep an eye on the stuff.

This was a painting of Juan and Eva Peron hanging on the wall, with the dress she was wearing in the painting displayed close by. Pretty dress; pretty lady!

After touring the museum we exited the building and walked around to see the front of La Casa Rosada.  

Here were a few building on the other side of the square. I really liked the architecture around the city.

On another day our walking passed these REALLY BIG DOORS!  I think it was the armory.

This was taken on a day that we visited the Recoleta neighborhood.  Very nice above ground cemeteries. This shot was taken from the second floor of the very nice mall.

And this was the park nearby the cemetery, church, children's museum, another shopping area, lots of restaurants, and many other things.

A professional dog-walker?  We had never seen so many dogs being walked at once!

And, of course while we were there we took in tango show!  I don't remember if I forgot to take pictures, didn't feel like it, or wasn't allowed.  But I did get a shot of the outside!  It was a great show, but I would like to see one of the other shows (there are several) if we ever make it back!

A swim on our last evening there. The hotel pool was outside on the roof and heated, thankfully, because it was cold outside.

This was me in my winter coat, in the reflection of the gym that was adjacent to the pool, but inside.  Super-zoom lens activated!

The sunset was beautiful from the roof.

Thanks, Buenos Aires!  Hope to see you again some day.

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