Friday, June 29, 2012

Festa Junina

Before we leave the month of June, I'd better get a post up about Festa Junina!  This is a festival celebrated throughout the month of June celebrating St. John the Baptist, St. Peter, and St. Anthony.  But more predominately it celebrates the food and culture of the people that live in the interior of Brazil on farms and ranches. 

Here we were on our way to the Festa Junina at school.

Sam danced with his classmates - you can see him in the back. They did a great job.  And I may be bias, but I think Sam had the most spunk of all the Grade 2 boys!

Mom, Bill, and Otto waiting between dances. 

Andy and the Grade 5 classes did more typical square dancing, called quadrilha here.

There were many game to play and prizes to be won.  Andy was checking out one of his toys while Nana displayed another.

Sam waiting for a turn to play.

There was even a trampoline!

A couple of Sam's friends. Pretty girls! I love the dresses that the girls wear for this festival.  So colorful!

There was lots of yummy food to try!  Here was a table of sweets for sale.  

Sam and a couple buddies.

Andy and a friend.

A last shot before leaving - the boys with Andy's quadrilha partner.

Fun times.  And very full of people!


  1. I especially love the facial hair that Grade 2 boys can grow in Brazil :) Looks like lots of fun!

  2. Jessica,

    I love your accurate descriptions and impressions of Brazilian culture!!

    Great post


  3. Pero el Andy parece un artista. En la foto con la nina tiene pose de modelo. LOL. Preciosos. Besos Tia Tere