Monday, May 14, 2012

Frango assado

Here, chicken is frango.  And roasted chicken is frango assado, one of my favorite (and easiest!) things to make when the weather turns cooler.  This is the first time I've made a roasted chicken since we've been here.  The temperature was cool for a few months when we arrived, but the rental cookware didn't include anything for roasting.

So today marked the first purchase of a whole chicken, and I knew it would be a little different when I saw Contém: pés on the package: Contains feet.

Here's what I pulled out. The neck is included as well (attached, no less), the heart (propping the feet up in the photo below), and I think its head is what laying on the right.  I believe what looks like a beak is its tongue?  (Do chickens have tongues?)

I WISH I had nails like these. Really!  I mean, I'd probably wear them shorter, but compared to my paper-thin, short...  Okay, I'm thankful I'm NOT a chicken butchered on the cutting board, but the nails are lovely.

And where am I supposed to put them, exactly?

I didn't leave them sticking up; I tucked them along the bottom. I can hear it sizzling now and it smells maravilhoso!!!!  We'll see if anyone tries the feet.


  1. Jessica
    We use the heart, the feet(you must cut the nails)the neck and the rest to do a soup, so with that you add flavor. Love the comments about the lovely nails (almost pee. Besos

  2. Hilarious. I've gotten a whole chicken here with neck attached (I think it was by accident) but would have absolutely no idea either what to do with head and feet! Hope it was good!