Saturday, February 2, 2013


We're heading into the final weekend of trying to figure out what to pack in the suitcases and boxes that will go with us on the plane versus what will go in the sea container. We're moving to Michigan - back to the snow (at least at this time of year)! The packers will start on Monday, and it's about to get crazy around here, so I guess it's time to write a goodbye note.

This was a relatively short stay (18 months), but I feel like we experienced so much while we've been here. Of course there are many things that we still haven't done; places still yet to visit. We still haven't made it to Rio, for Pete's sake!  But I think we've made the most of our time here, and these are good reasons to come back and visit.

Playing futebol on the beach.
I'm thrilled that Andy and Sam and Otto have gained a great knowledge of the Portuguese language. And while I have a pretty thick accent and am constantly using incorrect verb conjugations, I am very happy and proud of my own new language skills. (We plan to keep the Portuguese up as much as we can. I've bought some workbooks to take with us, and hope to find a teacher there, at least for the kids. We're told that there are several Brazilian families that live in our new community, so we hope to make friends with them!)

I will miss the people. Many in particular, but as an entire population as well. I'm excited about our move, but sad at the same time. When I walked past the boys' school the other day (all their classmates started the new school year this week), I teared up. The teachers and staff were so sweet and supportive to us.  It's hard to say goodbye, but I'm so happy that we came.  I'm so happy and honored to have met you, Brasil.... You are forever in our hearts and will always be a part of us, and we'll keep in touch! 



  1. What an amazing experience for the boys...what's up next? A Michigan blog? Michigan Musings..Michigan Moments...can't wait to see you sometime soon when I visit Amanda in Michigan.

    1. Ha! Good suggestions. I think I may be taking a blogging sabbatical. Hope to see you soon, too!

  2. I bet it is easier to decide what goes via air in route to Michigan than on your way here! In Michigan, you can just roll over to the Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target to get what you need! HA! Happy travels back to the USA.

    1. Thank you! You were right; it was. Reminiscing here a bit because our friends are packing up right now to move to Germany. Where have you been, Ray???